Like sands through the hour glass, these are the brows of our hives.

Prices changing January 1st 2018 (see Instagram for details)


Expert brow waxing/shaping


This is what all the buzz is about and what The BrowHive is best known for. Your brows will be custom-shaped according to your face shape, bone structure, and personal style.   If it's your first visit to the BrowHive, we recommend that you start here Honey. 


$30 - $40


A quick brow clean-up, in addition to a brow tint


It's simple Honey, we clean-up your browz while they're being tinted.  Please note: This service does not include brow shaping, it's only a clean-up Honey!




Tweeze only


Sometimes waxing isn't an option, especially if prescriptions like Accutane or retinoids are in your system. Check out our FAQs for more info on timing and prescriptions. 




Brow tint


Bee-cause everybody knows that brow tinting gives you wings. If you're looking to enhance your brows by making them darker or fuller, this treatment is pure honey. (Brow tint is $15 when added to a brow wax. Brow tint is $20 without a brow wax)


$15 - $20


Lip wax


Mustaches can sometimes be sticky situations.




Chin wax


Chin hair can be a real buzz kill. Like they always say, "Bee-auty equals pain."




Nostril wax


Breathe like a bee, no stinger required. Most people buzz about how little this stings.




Lash Lift

Blink like you mean it, while simultaneously feeling like a queen after receiving this treatment.  Get ready to wake up feeling a buzz because your lashes will stay curled according to your preference & personal style for 8-10 weeks Honey.